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Hi I am having trouble deciding between the galleria pm or a speedy. It would be my first lv and feel like I should get the speedy since, it would be my first, but am not sure of the practicality since I like shoulder bags. I am 24, would the galleria look to old for me? All thoughts and comments appreciated!!! louis vuitton purse,my vote goes to the ever reliable batignolles horizontal! it was my first lvoe. not too much vachetta to worry about as well. louis vuitton replica,

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recently got the damier azur neverfull and thanks to charleston mom, I copied her idea of putting my delightful in the tanning bed and have gotten a great even patina, however i am afraid to do this with my azur neverfull because i don't want it to yellow etc. I have read people tried saddle soap, do i need the liquid kind or has anyone done it to their LV and can provide instructions. Please don't lecture me on lettin louis vuitton bag

,We look forward to seeing the reveal ..... awaiting a delivery..... the days will seem very long - show us some pics when you get it. ヴィトン キーケース.